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What's the Negative Impact of Manual Accounts Payable for AP Teams?


AP professionals spend more than half of their time on invoice data entry.


The cost of processing a single invoice manually is $15 on average.

23 Days

It takes mainstream organizations more than 3 weeks to process an invoice.

How Automated Accounts Payable Software Can Improve Your Invoice Approval Workflow

Your accounting team's time is valuable. Eliminate up to 83% of data entry and give your team their time back to focus on more strategic activities.

invoice approval management for multi-entity

Increase visibility from POs to payments

Gain a better understanding of your vendor spend with a full view of payables across locations, companies or legal entities. Accurately accrue your liabilities at any time, no matter where they are in the invoice approval workflow.

Improve control over your planned spend

Easily track your committed spend with purchase orders. Set and manage spending limits by department, vendor, project, or other criteria. Route invoice processing approvals automatically, and reconcile with 2 or 3 way match.

Automate payments without giving up control

Beanworks lets you automate invoice processing with the click of a button, while maintaining one-to-one reconciliation from your accounting system to your bank account. No holding account needed.

Why Beanworks?

Centralize Accounts Payable

Gain visibility and control for payables across all of your locations or legal entities, in one centralized platform.


Streamline Your Invoice Processing

Automatically route purchase order, invoice and payment approvals to the right team members at the right time.

digital filing cabinet

Get Digital Storage for AP Documents

Say goodbye to filing cabinets and instantly find any AP document. Stored securely in the cloud for at least 7 years.

Reduce Duplicate Payments 

Eliminate manual payments that can lead to errors and increase risk. Sync payments automatically with your accounting software.

Add Unlimited Users 

Grant access to anyone involved in AP approvals, from the accounting team to department managers and executives.

Get Started Quickly

Automate your accounts payable in less than 6 hours.

Why Accounting Teams Love Beanworks

Learn why AP teams trust Beanworks

"We're thrilled with Beanworks and its ability to automate our entire AP process from start to finish."

-Derek F, Controller, Fatigue Science 

"I do a quick search in Beanworks based on the vendor, and I get all of their invoices, and I have the information and the visual of what the invoice actually looks like, right at my fingertips."

-Margot S, COO, GGFL 

"We would be doing invoices every single day, whereas now I can break it up between two days and I can work on my other tasks those other three days."

-Paige Z, AP Clerk, Home Point Financial

See What Upgrading From Manual to Automated AP Means For Your AP Team