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  • Manage invoices, POs, payments & expenses online
  • Mitigate risk with customized approval channels
  • Reduce data entry by up to 83%

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How AP Automation Helps Your Team




Reduce data entry by an average of 83%

Save $13 per invoice on your cost of managing AP

Manage AP from anywhere, any time on the cloud

Why Beanworks?

Centralize your AP for multiple locations or legal entities

Match your purchase orders to invoices and receivings

Automate approval routing for POs, invoices, payments and expenses

Quickly find any AP document and see all workflow steps completed

Approve and release vendor payments from anywhere

We'll have your team set up in under 6 hours

Manage AP More Efficiently 

Eliminate data entry

Your accounting team's time is valuable. Eliminate up to 83% of data entry and give your team their time back to focus on more strategic activities.

Total visibility from POs to payments

Accurately accrue liabilities in real-time and get a better understanding of your vendor spend. Easily look up the details of any invoice, PO or payment, regardless of where it is in the workflow.

Accounts Payable Automation

Take complete control of your AP workflow

Use custom rules to automate every step of your AP team's workflow. Easily route POs, invoices, payment and expense approvals to the right team member at the right time.

Never lose another receipt

Gain visibility into spend sooner by having employees upload receipts and create expense reports from anywhere, through a web browser or a mobile app.

“We’ve saved between three and five minutes per invoice in processing, by eliminating the more administrative work.”

- Sarah R., Accounts Payable Manager, Homepoint

“Anything that can save so much time like Beanworks does, is such a huge help for us. We’re thrilled with Beanworks and its ability to automate our entire AP process from start to finish.”

- Derek F., Financial Controller, Fatigue Science

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