AP Automation Designed to Integrate With QuickBooks

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Save time and reduce data entry with AI-powered invoice data capture. Eliminate approval follow-ups with automatic approval routing for invoices, payments, POs and expenses.

  • Approve invoices 9x faster with automation
  • Mitigate risk with greater visibility of all payables
  • Manage invoices, payments POs & expenses in one system
Beanworks AP Automation

How AP Automation Empowers Your Team

Reduce data entry by an average of 83%

Save $13 per invoice on your cost of managing AP

Your entire team can be involved in the AP process

Eliminate data entry

Your accounting team's time is valuable. Eliminate up to 83% of data entry and give your team their time back to focus on more strategic activities.

Total visibility from POs to payments

Accurately accrue liabilities in real-time and get a better understanding of your vendor spend. Easily look up the details of any invoice, PO or payment, regardless of where it is in the workflow.

Take complete control of your AP workflow

Use custom rules to automate every step of your AP team's workflow. Easily route POs, invoices, payment and expense approvals to the right team member at the right time.

Accounts Payable Automation

Never lose another receipt

Gain visibility into spend sooner by having employees upload receipts and create expense reports from anywhere, through a web browser or a mobile app.

Why Beanworks?

Centralize Expenses & AP

Gain visibility and control for payables and expenses across all of your locations or legal entities, in one centralized platform.


Streamline Your Expenses & Invoices

Automatically route purchase order, invoice and payment approvals to the right team members at the right time.

digital filing cabinet

Get Digital Storage

Say goodbye to filing cabinets and packed wallets. Instantly find any receipt or AP document and store them securely in the cloud for at least 7 years.

Reduce Duplicate Payments 

Eliminate manual payments that can lead to errors and increase risk. Sync payments automatically with your accounting software.

Add Unlimited Users 

Grant access to anyone involved in AP approvals, from the accounting team to department managers and executives.

Get Started Quickly

We'll have your team setup in under 6 hours.

Learn why thousands of accounting professionals trust Beanworks

"No matter where our team is in the world, they can quickly look at invoices awaiting approval and provide their quick approval, and that allows us to get payments out on time."

Derek F,  Controller, Fatigue Science 

"When I do a quick search in Beanworks based on vendor, I have all of the information and a visual of what the invoice actually looks like right at my fingertips. It’s been a huge time savings for myself and others on the team."

Margot S, COO, GGFL 

"We would be doing invoices every single day, whereas now I can break it up between two days and I can work on my other tasks those other three days."

Paige Z, AP Clerk, Home Point Financial

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